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    Every time they had a family gathering, his little cousin would beg to sit on his cock. “You’re not even of legal age” he told her over and over again.

    The minute of her 18th birthday, she went over to his house. She didn’t care that his parents were home and went straight upstairs to his bedroom. She dropped her dress, pulled her panties aside and jumped on his cock. In the heat of the passion, he didn’t even think about using protection. She bounced joyfully on his throbbing penis. “Fucking finally” she panted, desperately thrusting down to try and fit all of him in.

    "Jeeeeeesus, I’m going to cum!" he told her in panic. "Yes, yes, yes, yes" she chanted "fill me! give me what I’ve been waiting for. Seed me. Give me a child! Fuuuuck yeah, stud!" she begged. "AGGGGGHHHHHH!" he yelled out for his entire family to hear as his cum spilled into his cousin’s waiting womb.

    Amazing 👌

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    Shhhh, dont make a sound. Just take my dick like a good girl…we dont want our parents to hear their little girl is being a slut ;)

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    The Inclusive Eye - http://the-inclusive-eye.tumblr.com/

    Huge tits and huge areolas… i like that

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    Oh Rob!!!!

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    Yummy pussy.

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    im laughing so hard because no matter what song you listen to 

    spiderman dances to the beat

    no matter what song
    ive been testing it and lauing my ass off for an hour


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    Our parents were both so conservative that we never got any time alone in our houses. That’s how I got knocked up in the front seat of his car.

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  15. I really want to

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