1. incest-for-breakfast:

    The hesitation before fucking your daughter…

    "Just do it."

    Can’t wait to have a daughter and try that with her

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  2. psychofactz:

    More Facts on Psychofacts :)

    Mine isn’t made of cotton, it’s made of plastic.

  3. sexy-sensuous-and-dirty:

    She’s been buffed to a high sheen


    So aunty after getting all oiled up, do you want me to fuck you now?

  4. sexiestmoan:

    i want a girl to do this to me

    I would love to lick my sister like that

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  5. stella-starz:


    OMG yes


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  6. Anonymous said: I have an older brother who is currently overseas. I've always had a huge crush on him and have wanted to fuck him since I was 12. I'm 26 now and still wish I could have sex with him, even though I've since found out he's into stuff I'm not. I've always wished that besides him, I had two more older brothers to fuck me. I have a huge creampie fetish as well and would love to have older brothers to fill me to bursting with their cum~


    That’s so hot! I hope you can live at least some of your fantasies someday.

    I wish i could have a sister that had a creampie fetish cuz its one of mine too

  7. Damn, shes fine as fuck

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  8. Meaty and wet, I like that ;)

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  9. Thoses fucking areolas 😮 and that meaty pussy 😍

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  10. Look at what aunty has for you honey ;)

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  11. Damn you’re so hot mom :O

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  12. Aunty you’re so hot

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  13. brothersisterfathermother:

    "You don’t mind if I let them air out a bit, right hon? It’s just so hot on the water today, and this thing is so damn uncomfortable…"

    "Of course I don’t mind, Mom, do whatever." But inside I was freaking out that I actually got to see my mom’s tits!

    I wish i had a mom like her

  14. castizo:


    Look at how many fucks she gives haha

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  15. Alright sis, just wait i’ll unload soon

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